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  • Flash Glucose Monitoring

    Ambulatory glucose profile (AGP) is a novel way of assessing glycaemic levels on a 24-hour basis.


    • In FGM, patients have a sensor inserted on their upper arm and a separate touch screen reader device
    • When the reader device is swiped close to the sensor, the sensor transmits both the current blood glucose level and an 8-hour trend graph to the reader
    • Thus, patients can get individual blood sugar readings like in SMBG and trend information like CGM
    • However, it is important to note that unlike CGM, FGM does not have hypo-or hyperglycemia alarms and will only provide a trend graph if it has been swiped in the past 8 hours
    • The FGM does not require finger-stick calibration; therefore, users can dose insulin based on its readings, except in following situations:
      • When Hypoglycemic
      • When glucose levels are rapidly changing
      • When symptoms do not match the system’s readings
    • Glucose variability (GV) refers to the intraday glycaemic excursions, including episodes of hyperglycaemia and hypoglycaemia
    • FGM depicts the precise blood glucose values over a 24-hour period
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